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                Language: Chinese line English

                Industry new

                And note the use and maintenance of machine

                And machine use the matters needing attention:
                1 must protect grounding
                2 keep the machine work in the steady state, can not shake the work
                3 not excessive stirring, and water is lower than 55%, should reduce the amount of mixing
                4 for the use of ice, please use cold water, stirring to prevent damage to the hook
                5 take the dough, do not use metal utensils, scraper shovel, preventscratch mixing tank.
                How can we maintain and face machine, make its life longer, we should pay attention to the following contents:
                One day, maintenance content:
                Every day after use to clean the agitator, use a wet towel to clean water mixing hook and a mixing cylinder, the cylinder do not have water.
                Two, Zhou Baoyang:
                The need for a week and surface cleaning machine overall, careful not to wash equipment, to prevent water from entering the bearing or electrical transmission part, cause damage to the equipment, check the equipment is placed smoothly.
                Three, monthly maintenance content:
                1, monthly or quarterly by all the grease gun grease hole on a bearing seat of a gas.
                2, chain, gear parts lubricating oil.
                3, check the belt or chain tightness, prevent slippage caused by belt or chain damage.
                I hope the above information can give users some help and face machine.

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