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                Language: Chinese line English

                Industry new

                Pressure machine use and maintenance

                Note the use of pressure machine:
                1 open the machine before the first check whether pressing machine protective net cover, the facilities are in good condition.
                2 pressure machine work is prohibited in the fence, transfer pressure surface application of special tool for transport.
                3 during the pressing process of the abnormal should first turn off the power, then check.
                4 cleaning pressure machine and surface pressure shaft should first turn off the power and then, strictly charged operation.
                5 it is strictly prohibited to wash the pressing machine, so as to avoid leakage.
                6 pressure machine is special equipment, must be the person responsible for other people, no touch.
                7 work must focus on, to avoid accident happened.
                Pressure machine maintenance:
                1 check whether the motor is running normal, there is no obstacle.
                2 on a regular basis to ensure the lubrication of bearings add butter, smooth.
                3 keep the fuselage and cabin cleaning.
                4 belt wear serious change in time.
                We hope to see more content can use safe pressing machine and prolong its service life.

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